Паста dialux инструкция

паста dialux инструкция
Перед тем как использовать какую-либо смесь, внимательно прочитайте приложенную к ней инструкцию. Carrier – Same as binder, but also includes water in the case of liquid compounds. Silicon Carbide Synthetic abrasive sometimes known as carborundum. The following tables, although not specific to the jewelry industry gives a good overview of the different metal finishing operations and some of the characteristics of the operation. Buffing Compounds Red Rouge A product traditionally made of iron oxide, pulverized and graded, used in jewelry work.

Нанесите на нее смазку и потрите поврежденный участок вдоль текстуры металла. One large U.S. manufacturer told me that they make six different green rouges all using chrome oxide. Blaze Silicone Abrasive Blaze incorporates a coarse (100 grit) silicon carbide abrasive with a silicone rubber bond. This is what happens when terms are generalized and corrupted. However, they will not produce the same degree of luster as can be obtained with buffs. После того как царапина исчезнет, отшлифуйте всю дверь холодильника последней использованной вами наждачной бумагой, двигаясь вдоль текстуры металла.[8] 2 Наймите специалиста для финишной отделки двери холодильника.

Cutting Compounds Bobbing Compound Bobbing Compound cuts faster than Tripoli and clings well to the buff or lap. It is recommended for silver, brass and copper. Aluminum oxide (Alumina) Very little abrasive effect – used in white rouge Compound Confusion One of the difficulties in using and understanding rouge or abrasive compounds is that each manufacturer uses his own recipe to make the finished material. Six factors must be considered when buffing: equipment, buff selection, compound selection, technique, knowing the material being buffed and protecting the finished work. Bobbing Compound is used with a brush or muslin wheel to remove scratches and fire scale. Пропорции смеси таковы, что обеспечивают необходимую абразивную способность для удаления дефектов и необходимую полирующую способность, в большинстве случаев, позволяющую достигнуть качественных результатов без дополнительной обработки другими пастами. Jeweler’s rouge is made with ferric oxide, which gives it the red color.

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