Инструкция для qemu 1.2.0

инструкция для qemu 1.2.0
This «dummy package» is skipped when the developer chooses to select packages to be added to the rootfs. These methods may be used to update Node properties automatically (Hardware Inspection).Version Headers The Ironic REST API expects a new X-OpenStack-Ironic-API-Version header be passed with each HTTP[S] request. Import Import a package from an OBS project. Open terminal Open a terminal in the filesystem, using chroot, in the source directory of the current package if it is installed. Apr 21st, 2016 QEMU version 2.6.0-rc3 is out.

The material in this section doesn’t duplicate KVM installation docs. It provides the CloudStack-specific steps that are needed to prepare a KVM host to work with CloudStack. This change is the result of evaluation that downward SQL migrations are not well tested and become increasingly difficult to support with the volume of data-change that occurs in many of the migrations. Fernet tokens require symmetric encryption keys which can be established using keystone-manage fernet_setup and periodically rotated using keystone-manage fernet_rotate.

Libvirt is a dependency of cloudstack-agent and should already be installed. In order to have live migration working libvirt has to listen for unsecured TCP connections. We also need to turn off libvirts attempt to use Multicast DNS advertising. Using ironic as a standalone service Nodes may be placed into maintenance mode via REST API calls. An optional maintenance reason may be specified when doing so.Known Issues Running more than one nova-compute process is not officially supported. There is no easy fix for this, hence this workaround to limit the potential for damage.

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