Qm-305m инструкция пользователя

qm-305m инструкция пользователя
Take a square that is 8 units on a side, and cut it into three parts, A, B, and (7, as shown in the right- hand figure. This allows you to compare pricing and availability on all options at once. She averages 30 miles an hour from A to B, and 55 miles an hour from B to C. Locate B. 203. A square and its circumscribing circle revolve about the diagonal of the square as an axis. Find the sides of the triangle. 92. A wheel of uniform thickness, 4 feet in diameter, stands in the mud 1 foot deep.

Her answer was wrong by 328,320. Find the multiplicand. 144. I have a board 1| inches thick, whose surface contains 49f square feet. Just so geometry of four dimensions would be still more extensive than geometry of three dimensions, yet very closely related to it. How far will he have traveled by the time he comes to a halt ? 22. 3 + 3×3-3-3-3=? 23. 2h-2—2—2—2x2x 2×2-i-0x 2=? 24. 3^3-^3^3x3x3x0x 3= ? 25. A fly can crawl around the base of a cubical block in 4 minutes. Hyperspace itself may be conceived as generated by our entire space moving in a direction not con- tained in itself, just as our space may be generated by the similar motion of an unlimited plane. What does he gain by the cheat in selling sugar for $258.56? 11. What would be the cost of 10 planks each 18 feet long, 15 inches wide, 2 inches thick, at $40 per thousand board feet?

Let L, M, N» be the mid-points of the sides. Show how a hole 13 inches square may be covered by cutting the plank into three pieces. 238. Given a piece of cloth in the shape of an equilateral tri- angle. Moreover, any of the above areas may diminish to a point and finally disappear without affecting the argument.

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