Bosch hm44341 инструкция

bosch hm44341 инструкция
Или рассчитать точное пространство, которое Вам нужно для установки. И как экономно использовать элетроэнергию. Вы найдете все, что Вам необходимо, в наших инструкциях по эксплуатациях, инструкциях по установке и монтажу, профайлах продуктов и брошюрах. Page 45: Energy Saving Tips, Acrylamide In Foodstuffs Energy saving tips Acrylamide in foodstuffs Which foods are affected? The function selector must be switched off. 1. Page 23: Timer, Setting Procedure Timer Setting procedure Example: 20 minutes The time has elapsed Changing the timer period You can use the timer as a kitchen timer. It operates independently of the oven. Service Hotline Service & Advice0344 736 0109**Calls to 03 numbers cost the same as 01/02 prefix calls and are included in inclusive minutes and discounts schemes in the same way.

Page 26: Care And Cleaning, Cleaning Agents Care and cleaning Cleaning agents Appliance exterior: Stainless steel surfaces Enamel surfaces and lacquered surfaces Knobs Door glass Seal Oven floor and side walls Do not use high-pressure cleaners or steam jets. Page 24: Rapid Heating, Setting Procedure Cancelling the setting The timer and cooking time count down simultaneously Rapid heating Setting procedure The rapid heating process is complete Press the a timer button. The oven switches on after a few seconds. The roast looks good, but the sauce is burnt. General Baking Biscuits Oven chips Only preheat the oven if it specifies in the recipe or in the table in the instruction manual that you should do Use non stick, black painted or enamelled tins.

Купить духовые шкафы электрические Boсsh в Украине (Киев и регионы) вы можете быстро и легко – позвонив нам или оформив заявку через сайт. Не откладывайте свой комфорт. They must be able to operate the appliance correctly. Now move down the rail slowly and carefully and insert into the lower holes. The function selector knob can be rotated to the right or to the left. x Rapid heating for heating food rapidly. x Large area grill Can be used to grill a large number of beefsteaks, sausages, fish, and to toast bread.

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