Solar charger s-100 инструкция

solar charger s-100 инструкция
Charge algorithm The menu allows you to change the following settings v — Modify battery voltage setting Set the battery voltage to auto detection (0) or a fixed voltage (12, 24, 36, 48) to disable the auto detection. Firmware version 1.15 has an improvement, changing the setting of the rotary switch will automatically enable it again. Table of Contents DEPRECATED: Use VictronConnect instead of mpptprefs We recommend to use VictronConnect instead of mpptprefs. Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these documents. If Reader is not presently installed on your computer, click here to download the program for free. For all tubular plate batteries automatic equalization ends after t = (absorption time)/2. Available from firmware 1.16 and higher. k — Modify temperature compensation Set-up temperature compensation. Use this option to switch back to the factory defined algorithm.

The midnight point is estimated based on the solar activity, due to your geographical position and day-light saving this will deviate from the actual midnight. When entering a switch on action a dim level can be entered, this results in a PWM signal on the TX port when the VE.Direct port is set into this mode (option p in the main menu). m — Mid-point shift. Adobe Acrobat will launch automatically to provide the document you choose. If the document you are seeking is not listed, please e-mail your request to or call NEWMAR at 714-751-0488 and ask for the technical services department. We will do our best to accommodate you. The current is limited to 8% of the bulk current for all VRLA (Gel or AGM) batteries and some flooded batteries, and to 25% of the bulk current for all tubular plate batteries. Two dimlevels can be entered both for the “on” period and the dimlevel for the “off” period (use 0 to switch the light off during the night). c — Switch on the light and switch off at midnight.

The load output can be realized via the VE.Direct connector by using cable ASS030550500. Connect the cable to a battery protect module or a solid state relay. However if you require communication with the charger (e.g. when connecting a Color Control) you can use options 2 or 3 to preset a conventional algorithm. Both modes are explained: Interactive mode Start the mpptprefs.exe tool by double-clicking on it. With the midpoint shift this can be compensated partially. Awards like: RedDot Design Award 2011, 2013 & 2015 FD Gazellen Award 2012, 2013 & 2014 Deloitte Fast50 nominee 2013, 2014 We are also Apple ‘MFi’ licensed, all our Apple products are tested by Apple Inc. Allowed range -21mV/K .. 21mV/K, use value 0 to disable the temperature compensation (e.g. for Lithium batteries). Please note that the temperature compensation is not dynamic during operation.

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