В google earth инструкция управления

в google earth инструкция управления
Resolution (DPI) — This setting controls the resolution (dots-per-inch) of your output. Global Mapper supports coordinates in decimal format as well as degree/minute and degree/minute/second coordinates. This way, you can see an overview of the data when zoomed out, with more detail becoming available when you zoom in. Selecting the Open Data File at Fixed Screen Location command first prompts you to select a file to load, then displays the Fixed Screen Location Setup dialog (pictured below). This dialog allows the user to specify the size and position of the data relative to the screen/export/printout.

Use JPG Compression for Raster Layers — Specifies that any raster layers exported to the PDF will be compressed in the PDF file using JPG compression. This is the only way to get line or area features to display labels in Google Earth. The saved view can later be restored by using the Restore Last Saved View command. Comparisons to the Compare Value can be done either textually or numerically. Use Displayed Point Symbols Rather than Push-Pins for Points — if this option is checked, each point feature will be rendered with the same symbol displayed in Global Mapper rather than using the default push-pin symbol from Google Earth.

When selected, the command displays the Delft3D Export Options dialog which consists of an Export Bounds panel that allows the user to set up the portion of the loaded vector data they wish to export. The DXF file will consist of a 3D DXF point for each point in the elevation grid defined by the spacing and extents that the user specifies. When selected, the command displays the Surfer Grid Export Options dialog which allows the user to setup the export. Elevation (32-bit floating pointr samples) — This option generates an elevation GeoTIFF using the currently loaded elevation grid data sets. This command will create both the image tiles and the XML file required for World Wind to use the data.

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