Инструкция behringer mdx 4400

инструкция behringer mdx 4400
This is especially useful when running stereo through two channels, like in this example. The front panel gives you one Phones Out ¼ » jack per channel. A Main section features a 5-segment LED output meter, Direct In ¼ » jack and Master Level dial. Start adjusting the THRESHOLD, by starting out at +20dB, and then turning it counter-clockwise, until you reach the amount of gain reduction desired (read it off of the GAIN REDUCTION meter). I’d say that somewhere between 1dB and 6dB is a good amount of reduction. With 4 discrete channels and the ability to connect up to a dozen sets of cans, this is one tool you will use every day. As they say, “hearing is believing”, so check out the amazing HA4700 at a BEHRINGER dealer, or order yours online today! Since we have not pressed the GATE switch (it is not lit up), we now have the expander enabled. Connections On the back panel you’ll find two additional ¼ » outputs per channel.

Just make sure that sound is flowing out of our mixer and into the MDX4600. Music is a good choice, because it will make it fairly obvious when you apply too much compression. Each amplifier features its own 2-band EQ, 8-digit LED output meter, Left and Right Mute switches, a ST./2-CH switch to toggle between stereo or dual mono, and a ¼ » stereo Aux input to mix in any instrument or sound source. Now it’s time to turn on some music or a previously recorded show.

Mark Glinsky’s Manual Manor: Synthesizers & Music Equipment Operation Manuals, Service Manuals, Schematics & DocumentationMusic Equipment Manuals and DocumentationWelcome to «Manual Manor»! Providing manuals and documentation for 14 years! With Behringer you can receive double the features at half the price. Mark Glinsky HP — Music / Studio Equipment for Sale Here’s the Studio and Music equipment that I’m currently selling… Email for full details on anything (or click on items and pictures for details) — make offers! Now you will have to compare the input and output levels by switching the I/O meter on and off. Finally, I will press the CONTOUR LOW, ENHANCER and INTERACT KNEE switches. I only need to switch on these settings on channel 3. The result looks like this on my setup:.

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