Инструкция на антифриз dex-cool

инструкция на антифриз dex-cool
Per chance, Greg, do you have a Grey plastic pressure cap?? Hmm? If so, you need a Green one. My wifes 940 and my 960, each with grey caps, failed within 6 mos. of each other. Feed the wire through the conduit into the cabin. k) Remove the battery negative connector to disable the electrical system. Чтобы герметик успевал застыть там, где это нужно, в него добавляют специальные волокна: древесные, тканевые или керамические. Turbo Oil Cooler Hoses. If you have a turbo, remember that there are two coolant hoses to the oil cooler under the car that need to be replaced: they rot because of dripping oil from oil filter changes. There are usually two lines that mark the minimum and maximum levels of coolant.

Could it be leaking outboard of the exhaust valves and vaporizing in the manifold? I assume this would kill the cat or O2 sensor after a while. Install a grommet on each corner and cord with S-hooks or zip ties to secure the screen, or make a slit to install it under the grill clips. Being lazy and not having all the parts I led the wire from the sensor through the wiring area on the passenger side and brought it over to one of the switch knock outs. Antifreeze/Coolants come in a variety of colors and chemistries. So which one is right for your vehicle?

Insulate where exposed with shrink tubing and apply silicone dielectric grease to the ends of the connector to prevent corrosion. Remove the tank and shake it; if you hear the level float rattling, then it has a float. Поэтому при выборе антифриза необходимо обращать внимание на маркировку, а не на цвет жидкости. Вы, к примеру, вполне можете приобрести органическую охлаждающую жидкость класса «G12» синего цвета. Далее приводится «джентльменский» набор Audi, Ford, BMW, GM, VW, Nissan, Toyota, АВТОВАЗ, и так далее в зависимости от вкусов и «аппетита» производителя антифриза. The purpose of this beveled shoulder is to create a slight recess for the o-ring to seat in. I turned the tool in reverse in my drill.

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