Инструкция sony hx200v

инструкция sony hx200v
Sony HX200V’s lens also has a Manual Focus Mode. Make sure that the battery is NP-BX1. Batteries which have not been used for more than a year may have deteriorated. The EVF is bright, though visibly pixellated, but it is a useful alternative for sunny conditions and has the added advantage of dioptre adjustment for those who wear glasses.

Select the optimal level between 1.0 EV (weak) and 6.0 EV (strong). Page 84 The product automatically detects the light source and adjusts the color tones. The Sony HX200V sports only important modes on its mode dial so it’s good that the dial isn’t overcrowded with options: PASM exposure modes: Program, aperture priority, shutter priority and full manual mode. While articulating LCDs like this aren’t as handy as those that flip out to the side, it still allows you to shoot with the camera above or below you, which happens more often than one might think. Movie recording is a point-and-shoot experience on the HX200V. You can turn on a wind filter and adjust the mic level, but that’s about it. You can take 13 Megapixel stills while you’re recording a movie, but not at the 1080/60p setting. Even if you perform [Setting Reset], the recorded images are retained.

When adjusting the diopter level, point the product to a bright area to make it easier to adjust the diopter level. This was one of the quickest and most efficient methods of camera control adjustment I’ve seen in the Super Zoom segment, next to the Panasonic FZ150. The HX200V also had a 4-way directional pad with shortcuts like Drive mode and Flash settings. While AVCHD movies look great on your HDTV, editing and sharing them isn’t so easy. The sweep Panorama Mode of this 18.2 MP digital camera automatically stitches the photos together to deliver one amazing photo. Menu item details Multiple Img.: Selects images to order printing. (1) Select an image and press on the center of the control button. The monitor is pretty good outdoors and the ability to articulate is a big plus, but the HX200 screen could still be difficult to use in certain bright conditions.

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