Инструкция по bios acer 5520g

инструкция по bios acer 5520g
Page 99: Bios Utility, Boot Sequence, Enable Disk-to-disk Recovery, Password BIOS utility The BIOS utility is a hardware configuration program built into your computer’s BIOS. Your computer is already properly configured and optimized, and you do not need to run this utility. Otro enlace para Travelmate 230 Acer Travelmate 240.pdf. Page 90: Entering Passwords, Setting Passwords Entering passwords When a password is set, a password prompt appears in the center of the display screen. For more information, press the < ^ > key to launch the Empowering Technology toolbar, then click on the appropriate utility and select the Help or Tutorial function.

Enter numeric value (Default: 100) EHCI Self-Healing: (Enhanced Host Controller Interface — supports USB 2.0 devices) Duration of Port Reset in MS Sets the port reset duration. Снимаем батарею ноутбука и отключаем его от сети. Otro enlace para Travelmate 2500 Acer Travelmate 2600.pdf Acer Travelmate 2700.pdf. This is because the user is not allowed to control the settings in these cases. 57 Chapter 2 Advanced The Advanced screen displays advanced settings of the BIOS utility. Otro enlace para Travelmate 7730a Acer Travelmate 8000.pdf Acer Travelmate 8100.pdf.

Help Select Ite Select Men hange Values Sub-Menu [etup Defaul Save and Exi ults xit NOTE: The screen above is for your reference only. Весть процесс восстановления длиться от 4 до 6 мин., по окончании ноутбук автоматически перезагрузится. Enter numeric value (Default: 16) SATA Clock Select Sets the SATA clock speed. 133Mhz or 200Mhz SATA Clock Ratio Sets the SATA clock ratio. Acer Incorporated makes no representations or warranties, either expressed or implied, with respect to the contents hereof and specifically disclaims any warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.

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