Фотоаппарат canon sx50 hs инструкция

фотоаппарат canon sx50 hs инструкция
Преодолеть их позволят функции помощи при прицеливании, для управления которыми на корпусе объектива камеры имеются две кнопки. What I’m getting at here is that you may need to crank up the ISO sensitivity in order to get that sharp photo, unless you’re using a tripod. Stereo A/V cable AVC-DC400ST From $25 For connecting the camera to an older television. USB cable IFC-400PCU $15 These used to be included, but here’s more Canon cost-cutting. The camera will not have pre-corrected the images for you. What you give up, mostly, is the ability to get shallow depth-of-field effects in your pictures, unless you use macro. That means your subject and the background will both be in focus.

The HS50EXR and HS35EXR are worthy cameras, but the Canon just has that overall combination of features and image quality.Panasonic now has the FZ70, which has a 60x optical zoom. The great outdoors is where this camera really excels over your typical point-and-shoot. Nevertheless, I enjoy using the SX50 for video. That’s a spot that could be used by some other, more useful button. The camera usually does a good job at automatically selecting an appropriate shutter speed with regard to the lighting conditions, focal length, etc. It’s just that I prefer to have more control over shutter speeds.

Again, there’s a bit of detail loss compared to the lower ISO settings, but this is a lot better than you get from the typical camera phone that so many people are relying on today. Как рассчитать ГРИП Что означают буквы на объективе. There are no fancy spring mechanisms or buttons.The SX50 has a flash hotshoe.

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