Инструкция bernina 340

инструкция bernina 340
The 340 Deco has a free arm over which your project can be pulled for precise guiding, making it child’s play for you to embroider the designs of your choosing in a single operation. Large Embroidery Area The bernette 340 Deco boasts a large embroidery area that enables you to embroider designs measuring up to 200 × 140mm (7.9” x 5.5”): plenty of scope – and room – for creative designs and motif combinations. The bernette Chicago 5 will wow you with its appealing youthful design. Bernette Chicago 7 The combo sewing and embroidery machine Needle Thread Monitoring and Bobbin Thread Checking The needle thread monitor automatically stops the embroidery process if the needle thread breaks or the spool is empty. Easy Stich Selection Via the Pattern Selection Dial With the bernette London 5, stitch selection could hardly be easier: simply turn the pattern selector dial to find the right stitch in next to no time.

What’s more, an automatic bobbin winder ensures that your bernette London 3 is ready for action in the blink of an eye. Оплата за товар производится наличными при получении товара: — нашему экспедитору при доставке по Киеву; — в отделении «Новой Почты» при получении товара. You’ll be able to embroider large designs in a single run, without having to stop.This not only saves you time, but ensures maximum precision. From the first stitch on, you have access to a library allowing you to create a host of great embroidery projects an outstanding foundation for your own personal design collection.

Bernina 550QE The BERNINA 550 QE elegant and precise: Superb sewing and quilting for ambitious novices and experienced sewers. Flip-Top Lid and Dust Cover The bobbin winder, thread tension dial, as well as the spool holder of the bernette London 3 are housed under a practical flip-top lid that protects them from dust. Two Level Presser Foot Lift One of the attractive features of the bernette London 7 is its two-level presser foot lift, which ensures plenty of space under the presser foot. Обмен или возврат Обмен или возврат товаров в течение 14 дней после покупки производится в сответствии с законом Украины о защите прав потребителей. Также перед каждым процессом вышивания производится проверка заполнения шпульки через прозрачную крышку.

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