Subaru xv инструкция pdf

subaru xv инструкция pdf
Errors, omissions, typos will be corrected as I am made aware of them.Use common sense- take care of your car and always have a trained mechanic check it out Information subject to change correction updating. Here’s a dirty 12 month old filter (left) next to a new clean one (right) — New Car Break-in period 1000 miles: Drive calmly for the first 1,000 miles and vary your driving with a normal mix of city and highway. Therefore, when driving down a slope or turning corners, be sure to reduce your speed and maintain ample distance from other vehicles. 2. Always check the cold tire pressure before starting to drive. The recommended tire pressure is provided on the tire placard, which is located under the door latch on the driver’s side. 3. There are some precautions that you must observe when towing your vehicle. Its ok to change early, especially with hard driving, cold/hot weather, or manual transmissions that are revved up or downshifted.

Subsequent oil changes at least every 6000 miles or 6 months Note: this is the minimum required interval. Always note the blue ‘cold engine’ light on the dashboard- its a visual reminder that the engine is cold. Check and confirm all details with your local authorized dealer All photos, text, formatting J. Spitz who is responsible for all content. Avoid over-revving the engine, try to keep RPMs under 4000. Vary your speeds over the full range of city and highway driving Don’t use cruise control much, if at all. Please read all instructions and warnings and use common sense when operating any vehicle.

Use Subaru coolant only, do not mix with other types or it will reduce protection. Many people do the first oil change early. Always contact your local dealer with any service or parts questions.

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