Sony dcr pc115e инструкция

sony dcr pc115e инструкция
This is great when you have multiple users with various levels of sophistication, allowing Mr. or Ms. Nontechnical to quickly grab the camera and achieve good results without having to worry about manual control and custom settings. Got tape unstuck and the error message left. Nick Fri, 29 Dec 2006 09:49:51 -0800 Hi , PLEASE help! My camera is a DCR-TRV140 ntsc, and gives me the C.32.11 ERROR and wont eject the tape, now it does not play the video , and apparently does not record over the tape. Really appreciated if you have a solution to this.Thanks,Anuradha Anuradha Sat, 28 Apr 2007 12:08:29 -0700 Hey Mike, Dave, Toby excellent job! How to transfer video to a computer using an i.LINK connection (IEEE 1394). If your PC does not have an i.LINK jackRefer to the FAQ below.

Out popped the tape; however, I do seem to have a followup problem. Does anybody know what the problem might be and how to fix it?Thank you,Bob BobWed, 16 May 2007 18:33:37 -0700 I have a sony dcr trv 340, no error code, will not eject tape. Surprisingly it allowed me to play that tape. Paul theorized that the zero insertion force (ZIF) connectors and flex cables inside the camera might not be providing sufficiently good contact, and mechanical action on the camera body could move the cables inside the connectors enough to temporarily improve the situation.

This might also explain why smacking the camera works for some people.So now what… Try removing the door to allow more access to the small motor? For very dim light, Sony has upgraded its NightShot to NightShot Plus, which is supposed to add more natural color to the typical monochrome infrared experience. Take note of which to use during repairs.

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