Инструкция id974

инструкция id974
Rune | | | | Continuous — The spell’s effects continue to act on the target location until it is dispelled or the party leaves the room. After a short while, other banners will appear. Whenever a monster is killed during an encounter in a Dungeon there is a chance that it might leave behind a bag of gold that can be collected. Offer Prayer Each prayer costs 25 gold pieces. It is best to buy prayers in bulk (i.e more than one at a time). Each prayer adds 1 to the adventurer’s luck score.

Fighting banners is a good way of getting masses of experience points quickly, if you survive long enough! The selected character is shown in full colour and the others in monochrome. To give an object to another character, select the object once then select the character you wish to give it to, from the portraits on the right of the screen. Type in a first name, surname and home town. The Tavern Taverns are an important source of information and clues.

The peoples of the Ancient Realm are being transmuted into hideous beasts by some malevolent power and are roaming the land, slaying and despoiling all in their path. The Compass This always points to the North to avoid any confusion when leaving a room or corridor and entering a new location. For example, a Berserker won ‘t last long as a fighter if his strength is the lowest in the party.

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