Holographic laser star projector ab028 инструкция

holographic laser star projector ab028 инструкция
They could also argue that they were not using a laser pointer, but instead a laser star projector not intended “to indicate, mark or identify a specific position, place, item, or object.”Whether a person is prosecuted or convicted may depend on how egregious the usage is. This projects colored dots in an area roughly 25’ x 25’, to give the illusion of stars indoors on a wall, or of lights in trees and bushes outdoors. According to the instruction pamphlet, “Each individual laser beam is less than 5 mW, which is about the same as an average laser pointer.”He then talks about testing the unit indoors and outdoors.

The cost is between $80 and $130 depending on the seller.The reviewer, Bill Kuch, says the green-only version contains a Class IIIa laser that uses diffractive holographic optics to create the beams. 22 Aug 2014 — Filed in: Lasers as tools | Unusual lasers & uses | Laser pointer reviewAn August 22 2014 review on “the Gadgeteer” website describes a holographic laser “star” projector.

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