Инструкция sony dsc-v3

инструкция sony dsc-v3
This movie mode is vastly superior to what the Canon G6 offers. The initial handset released under this category was the 5-megapixel C902, with the C905 announced shortly thereafter. Where weight is not as much of a concern, I recommend the Sony DSC-R1 for astounding image quality and shutter sync.

When it’s time to charge the battery, just plug in the included AC adapter. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the NP-FR1 battery. Hologram AF assist light for low-light and low-contrast focusing. While not high resolution, the V3’s 2.5″ LCD is huge, and it’s remarkably visible outdoors. The image has a smoothness to it that reminds me of the PowerShot G6 — not surprising since they use the same sensor.

The control scheme is well thought out and works nicely after a bit of practice, although some functions aren’t immediately obvious: the manual isn’t in the box just for padding. The Sony HVL-F1000 is only fully automatic, but is smaller, lighter, less expensive, recharges the flash instantly, easiest to use, and works very well also. Let it be said that the V3 is good enough when it comes to metering, white balance, and overall image quality. When I first picked it up, I found myself missing the shutter release, my middle finger was in front of the viewfinder, and I couldn’t reach the zoom lever without shifting my grip. Power on the cameras and line up the images by slightly twisting either camera.

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