Jomsocial инструкция обновление

jomsocial инструкция обновление
Pre and Post reminder emails sent to subscribers before/after their subscription is expired so that they can be aware of the expiration and renew their membership. Easy, Effective Subscriptions Management Manage (view, edit, delete) subscription records from backend of your site. Watch those videos, and you should be ready to migrate. If you need help, click here to talk with the Joomlashack migration experts. 1) Create a backup Make sure you create a full backup of your site. Simply install the new version over your current version using the Joomla Extension manager installer.

Remove subscribers from these groups when their subscription expired. Самое главное, прежде чем начать, нужно сделать резервную копию всего сайта и базы данных, для этого лучше использовать Akeeba Backup. Administrator panel and go to Extensions → Manage → Database and select the Fix button on the top left. Go within the manage section to Discover menu item in the left menu and click the Discover button.

That’s why we suggest that before you upgrade: Make a full backup of website. When users sign up in Membership Pro, if he has an existing account, the data stored in his profile (Joomla user profile or third party extensions profile) will be used to fill-in subscription form automatically so that he won’t have to type the information again. You have the possibility to manage users from your site.

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