Smed инструкция

smed инструкция
Run 3 shows the impact of the improvements in changeover times that come from doing more of them and building learning into their execution. Consider how long it would take a pot crew to change tires if the replacement tire had a different lug nut configuration. In the same vein, a common die height allows the shut height of the press to be set to a common dimension. Step 2 – Categorize the Internal and External Converting Activities An important part of SMED is distinguishing between the Internal and External activities. You may choose to conduct one-on-one interviews with operators to determine the variations in how each operator approaches the job. You will make what’s required when it’s required; in a manual assembly environment, there is no reason not to be doing this. 3. Service Organizations Quick changeover is perhaps most interestingly applied to service organizations.

But what about more mundane processes such as receiving function within an organization? I’ve seen packages wait 24 hours or more between being physically received and received into the «system.» Why is this a problem? Duplicate Tooling Duplicate tooling can minimize or eliminate the need for changeovers, and the cost can quickly be offset by reduction in inventory and set-up labor costs. They determine (before the setup begins) what is the best “choreographed dance” to allow the team to flex (move to another machine) and setup other machines. Document a Webpath for Each Job Include input and out materials, sensors locations, clamp-on locations – everything along the webpath. It’s important to know where your rolls are going, the infeed rolls, where the the materials wrap around the idlers, and where it meets up with the next station.

There is great variation from batch to batch; therefore, large batches are more consistent. Invariably, time spent changing over between products, services, and customers is never value added. No matter the process, quick changeover techniques can help. Again, the key question to ask yourself is «Why?» Many times, if you ask a person actually doing the assembly, they will say, «It’s easier this way.» Getting to the root cause of why it is easier will reveal an opportunity for quick changeover. For example, go and get the required tools for the job BEFORE the machine stops. Benefit as measured by the time that will be eliminated from the changeover.

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