Инструкция evko 21

инструкция evko 21
Simply put, Mexico needs to consume a chunk of U.S. goods in order to make its own. Our extensive expertise and comprehensive capabilities enable us to provide you with customized valves that address your specific requirements. Meanwhile, the company is shrinking two Chinese plants into one.

One of the workers who has benefited is Tania Berenice Salazar, a 25-year-old from Monterrey. The single mom was working as a cashier earning about $1.60 per hour before she got an entry-level job packing up plastic materials at Evco in 2012. Now she supervises other packagers and makes about $1.80 per hour, even as the peso has plummeted. Whereas China’s prowess in electronics and textiles appears to have made a lasting dent on U.S. manufacturing — costing up to 2.4 million jobs from 1999 to 2011, according to one study — trade flows with Mexico have been more balanced. Learn More Everlasting Valve offers the only Rotating Disc Valve in North America.

Bombardier, Cessna and Hawker Beechcraft have opened aircraft assembly lines in Queretaro and Chihuahua, Mexico. But despite what you might have heard on the presidential campaign trail, Mexico’s manufacturing surge has not been an unalloyed disaster for American workers. U.S. manufacturing production, it turns out, is rising as well. Because other valves open and close in the same place each time, they develop scratches and wear patterns that can weaken the seal and cause costly leaks. Many garment manufacturers deserted Los Angeles for border maquiladoras in the 1980s and ’90s. Starting in the 2000s, though, some aircraft builders and carmakers, which were already firing up plants in the U.S. Southeast, followed in earnest. Increase production and profit. In dry materials or wet, high temperatures or low, Everlasting Valves continue to deliver a superior performance in the field, even in the most grueling conditions and long after other valves need to be replaced.

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