Инструкция на телефон сони xperia

These are optional, so to sign up for these, Sign in with Google, or tap Not now then Next to skip past this. If you skipped signing up for Xperia services, you will see a disclaimer telling you about securing your phone. This tray is separate to the protective cover. You can protect your phone with a lock screen, which stops people from accessing your private information on your smartphone.

You can use the number keypad to spell out the name of a contact. Select your preferred unlock method; Pattern, PIN or password. The first step to making a phone call is to open the Phone icon from the home screen by tapping on it.

Without one, you won’t be able to download apps or back up your phone. To sign in with an existing Google account (an email address ending with or ), enter your address in the space provided and tap Next. Mobile data’s advantage is its portability, keeping your phone online when you’re on the move and far from an accessible Wi-Fi network. Press Allow for each permission you wish to grant. Pick the recipient by tapping in the Enter one or more recipients box.

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