Газонокосилка stihl fs 55 инструкция

Strengths: Great power to take on heavy weeds. Weaknesses: I use only about a gallon of fuel a year. At the end of the season I run it dry and put it away. I always use Stihl oil. I just got new fuel in the spring and have had problems. Strengths: Strong for its weight-class and it won’t eat line terribly fast.

When it does run for a few minutes at a time, the line continually melds and I have to take apart the head. DO NOT BUY> Strengths: When it works, it does cut grass well. Strengths: Lots of power, stone reliable, fires right up whenever I need it to. Would buy another one but bigger next time cuase bigger is always better.
Very bad customer service with the dealer and Stihl. Move the choke lever, on the left side of the machine, down to the lowest settings. They say I need a new carb. $100.00 bill. Clean the area around the fuel cap at the end of the trimmer.

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