Инструкция для gopro hero 3

инструкция для gopro hero 3
The mount on the bottom of the underwater case is standard GoPro mount and fits similar mounts and accessories. Page 43: Frequently Asked Questions Make sure your GoPro is charged. To charge your camera, use the at 720p30 with Protune off, and make sure that all other programs on included USB cable and a computer. With the Git1 camera the manufacturer GitUp has proven that they build excellent action cameras. You can power off the camera, but not power it on!

Page 41: Using The Mounts ATTACHING YOUR CAMERA TO MOUNTS The rubber seal that lines the camera housing forms a waterproof barrier To attach your HERO4 Black camera to a mount, you need a Quick that protects your HERO4 Black in wet and underwater conditions. Page 28 / Setup Mode / Setup Mode TOUCH DISPLAY Setting Description Determines the level of light on the touch Touch Display appears only if your camera is attached to an LCD Touch display. You can switch the backdoor of your HERO4 Black camera to suit your Quick Release Buckle + Thumb Screw + Slim housing = Complete Unit activity and shooting conditions. Page 23 / Multi-Shot Mode / Multi-Shot Mode SHUTTER Shutter applies only to Night Photo and Night Lapse and determines Rate applies only to Burst. The other specs are the same for all Git2/Git2P cameras. The name is GITUP followed by a combination of letters and numbers; I’m not sure if it is a standard password, my Git2 shows: 12345678 Demo Footage Git2 frame grab left – YI Action Camera frame grab right On the left you’ll see a frame grab from the Git2 camera.

You now also have a selection of 90° or 170° lens. If you don’t need 4K resolution, take a look at this camera. When you power up the camera it will start up in video mode. By short pressing the power button, which also acts as mode button, you can cycle through the main menu: video mode – photo mode – library – camera settings. Again cycle the options with the power / mode button and select with the shutter button. Remote Control: App Official App: The official GitUp app was launched late 2016 for Android and iOS. Stay tuned, more info is coming up!

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